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Site Safety Inspection
When was your last written inspection done?

Workplace Safety Inspections (Safety Audits)

Workplace safety inspections are a great way to prevent injuries and ensure compliance.

Many safety legislations (such as Occupational Health and Safety act and the Regulation for Construction Projects in Ontario) require that documented workplace inspections are completed. My Safety First will visit your workplace and conduct workplace inspection on your behalf.

While construction sites and industrial shops will mostly benefit from this service, any workplace should be inspected to stay on top of the requirements and hazards.

My Safety First can visit your workplace and conduct safety inspection for you!

Why third party safety consultant?

  • You want to be compliant but can’t afford full- time safety personnel
  • You want to have a third-party audit to ensure safety compliance¬†
  • You want guidance from legal expert to ensure your liability is minimized
  • Third party advice is taken more seriously (we stay friendly, but advice coming from a third-party safety professional is usually taken more seriously and therefore will be acted upon by workers)
  • You want to have a written record of required inspections
  • You want to minimize the risk for injuries and possible insurance costs associated

What does MSF visit look like?

MSF safety consultant will visit your workplace, usually unannounced, and ask for a supervisor. Together, they will walk the site and discuss work that is being done. Consultant might choose to speak to workers in order to gain more insight on the work being performed and possible hazards lurking.

For our first introductory visit, we like to take an educational approach: explaining the purpose of visits and getting introduced to everyone. In our subsequent visits, we will have to address issues of non-compliance such as workers not wearing their personal protective equipment. In this case, MSF consultant can issue verbal or a written warning, depending on Company’s Disciplinary Policy.

At the end of the visit (we try to keep it quick- around 1 hour), consultant will write a report with their recommendations and observances. These are discussed with supervisor and a hard copy left on site. 

On our next visit, we will see if any improvements have been made and discuss any new challenges that a workplace might face.

How much does it cost?

It all depends on the time consultant has to spend on site, and what happens during the visit. But here are some rough estimates of visit costs:

  • 1 hr visit (within GTA) $155+HST
  • Additional hour on site $70 +HST
  • Travel charge applies if outside GTA


Occupational Health and Safety Act

Ontario Construction Regulation

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